SCOTEX has a five-point Mission Statement that defines our strategic goals to future participants:

1. SCOTEX intends to attain Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE) status, a globally recognised exchange operator benchmark. It promotes investor confidence in the SCOTEX offering and increases its appeal to a wide range of equity market participants including those that must execute transactions on an RIE.  It will confer on SCOTEX the same rights and privileges as the London Stock Exchange plc and other UK and European market operators.

2. Scotland has some of the brightest and best fund managers in the world. They are rightly renowned world-wide for their rigorous and disciplined long term investment outlook, their expertise in staying close to the companies they invest in, and not following short-term speculative trends. Many of them can be somewhat averse to onshore investing preferring instead to look outside Scotland for their investments. SCOTEX must take the lead in changing that mindset.

3. Innovation is key to SCOTEX. Bringing new technologies to market to create a better marketplace for companies and investors will be crucial to succeed in a global exchange market. SCOTEX must do so without incurring excessive regulatory capital costs and by making sure its systems have the performance and reliability required by all participants.

4. SCOTEX’s outlook must be rigorously long-term and it’s strategy must not be dictated by short term political and economic events.

5. SCOTEX must grow at the pace necessary to become a “Main Market” exchange. SCOTEX is not an alternative investment market for speculative investments.