SCOTEX will be a Primary Market for Scotland-based companies. This means that SCOTEX will be the exchange on which Initial Public Offerings for Scottish companies can take place and the exchange that regulates and monitors those companies to ensure that they fit the criteria of being a UK Official List company on an on-going basis. Shares may also be introduced to the SCOTEX exchange by way of Placement without a company issuing new shares via an IPO.


If your company meets the following criteria and you are looking for access to the growth capital that can take your business to the next stage of expansion please talk to us about being one of the official SCOTEX Launch Companies.

  • Three years of audited accounts with consistent revenue streams and earnings
  • Sufficient working capital for at least 18 months from the date of listing
  • A strong and experienced management team
  • An effective and independent company board
  • Evidence of market share or marketable intellectual property
  • A clear statement of the use money raised in the listing will be put towards
  • Overall a compelling and clearly investable business proposition with strong growth prospects


SCOTEX will offer you:

  • Your shares traded on an orderly and transparent exchange running on a high performance low latency electronic trading platform, complete with the latest electronic surveillance software. The platform will be a fully hosted and technically administered system with a complete redundancy solution.
  • A complete listing advisory solution including Official List application, preparation of listing documentation including the prospectus, organising investor roadshows and book-building.
  • A complete Investor Relations solution so that once shares are live and trading on the SCOTEX platform you are free to carry on running your business without worrying about the important task of investor outreach.
  • The visibility and credibility of a stock market listing that will greatly expose your business proposition and help you to attract and retain the best staff for your business.

Contact for more information.


Due Diligence Notice: As a Primary market SCOTEX must maintain the public’s confidence in companies listed on the exchange by ensuring that they meet all their regulatory and reporting requirements as well as UKLA listing requirements. SCOTEX will undertake thorough due diligence on companies that are candidates for listing and being a SCOTEX Launch Company may entail more stringent checks than would otherwise be the case. This will involve doing the following: checking for bad company debts, background checks on all people within the company that have a position of influence, and checking the business is run in a manner that is fit and proper. SCOTEX may also discuss your company with suppliers and other companies in the industry. SCOTEX will also monitor debt levels at companies listed on the SCOTEX Primary Market to ensure they are not leveraged at a level that may hurt equity holders.